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Eligibility for School Sports
1. Student athletes in their first four years of high school must be enrolled in at least six courses. In your fifth year you must be enrolled in at least four courses. These courses must be at ECI. Night school, private school or summer school do not count.
2. Student athletes must purchase a current student activity card and pay an athletic activity fee.
3. Student athletes must be in attendance at school on a given day in order to be able to practice or play on that day.
4. Student athletes must participate in physical education class on a given day in order to be able to practice or play on that day.
5. Students may participate in only one major sport per term.
6. Students who transfer to ECI from another secondary school are ineligible to play inter-school sports until their eligibility status is appealed. Transfer students are to consult with the Physical Education Curriculum Leader in September to see how they can become eligible to play.
7. Students will be eligible for no more than five consecutive years of competition from the time of entering grade nine.
During the first week of try-outs the coach of each team will review the last set of marks for each student trying out. The Physical Education Curriculum Leader will review any student who fails to achieve an average of 60%. The student's achievement, effort, deportment and attendance will be reviewed and one of the following actions taken:
a. the student will not be permitted to participate in any inter-school sports activity that term;
b. the student may be permitted to participate on a probationary basis. Teachers will be asked periodically to comment on attendance, effort and performance in class;
c. the student will be allowed to participate if achievement, effort, attendance and deportment remain satisfactory.
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