Art is a great form of expression through visual means. The Art department at Etobicoke Collegiate is one of the best departments in the city. This page contains information on E.C.I.'s art department

LATEST UPDATES:  Etobicoke C.I. Visual Art 2001/2002



Visual Arts- Comprehensive(Code AVI2A) is a foundation course for all students who wish to learn the basics ideas and methods of design of art. The studio and history portion of the course shall be explored with greater emphasis on theoretical, analytical and historic appreciation.
Areas of study includes: Drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpting.

Visual Arts- Comprehensive(Code AVI3A) continues from AVI2A with more emphasis on personal expression and selection of subject matter with the in-depth study of composition. Art from the past and present shall be compared in relation to studio work.
Areas of study includes: History, drawing, painting, and collage.

Visual Arts- Photography(Code AVF3A) will explore the communication and artistic uses of the photographic medium by examining various themes and art styles.
Areas of study includes: History, pinhole camera making, and film developing.

Visual Arts- Comprehensive(Code AVI4A) explores refined self-expression and communication as goals, stressing the relationships of personal subject matter, media, and techniques. Drawing and painting will be emphasized, expression in other art form is greatly encouraged and reinforced through analysis and interpretation of art, past and present.
Areas of study includes: New media projects, drawing, painting, and sculpting.

Visual Arts- Photography(Code AVF4A) builds upon previous knowledge. Photographic themes and art styles will be examined to understand the communication and artistic use of the camera. The study of history will help enrich the studio component.
Areas of study includes: Darkroom procedures and student exhibitions.

Visual Arts- Balanced(Code AVIOA) is intended for entrance into post-secondery education. It focuses on formulating and resolving in-depth, artistic problems in either painting, sculpting, printmaking or photography with 60 hours each in studio and history.
Areas of study includes: New media projects, drawing, painting, history, and sculpting.