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News Filed on February 6th, 2006
Junior boys basketball practice today after school in the small gym.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
Did you think it couldn't happen?
Did you think it wasn't real?
You thought of only fun and games
As you got behind the wheel.

You knew that is was stupid, You didn't stop to think.
You got into the car that night, You'd had too much to drink.
You didn't even see the tree; You were going much too fast.
You drew in a sharp breath, A breath that was your last.

Three precious lives were lost that night;
You weren't the first to die.
We think about you lovingly
As each day passes by.

This poem is a warning to each and everyone:
The result of drunken driving can never be undone.
Filed in the "Miscellaneous" category by AlexV
Will the following students see Mrs. Walker at the beginning of lunch in room 360 today:

Brant MacAuly
Nicole Meisenheimer
Dave Mundy
Anu Singh
Filed in the "Courses" category by AlexV
There will be an intermediate Jazz band rehearsal at lunch today in the band room.
Filed in the "Music" category by AlexV
All cast members are called to rehearsal today. Yearbook photo will be taken.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
Just a reminded to the chess club that tomorrow after school at your meeting the yearbook picture will be taken.

So bring your smiles!
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
The competition of NBA Live participants will commence tomorrow. The sheets have been placed on the SAC office door. Do not be tardy for your game and bring $3.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
The schedule is posted for the indoor soccer tournament. Grade 9 games begin tomorrow.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
News Filed on February 4th, 2006
1. Kiwanis Music Festival: February 13-23

Chamber Music Group
February 13: 10:30-1:30

Etobicoke Singers
February 14: 11:30-3:15

Senior Concert Band
February 15: 11:00-3:30

Intermediate Concert Band
February 16: 12:30-3:00

Senior Stage Band
February 17: 2:00-4:30

Chamber Music Group
February 22: 2:30-3:30

Senior Strings
February 23: 1:00-5:00

2. Music Assembly: Monday, February 27, Day 3, Period 7

The Cervini Jazz Quartet, featuring ECI graduates, Ernesto and Amy Cervini, will be here from New York to perform for all music students. Any other teachers interested in attending, please speak to Mr. Judge.

3. Toronto Music Festival: March 3, All day

The festival will be held in Strathdee Auditorium. Performance times will be posted and announced.

Senior Strings and Orchestra
Senior Concert Band

4. Toronto Symphony Visit: March 8, 900-1:30

Jon Kimura playing Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3
Brahms: Symphony No. 2

A list of students attending will be available in the office.

5. Music Tour to Germany, Switzerland, and Italy: April 4-15
Filed in the "Music" category by Mr. Wallace
The Girl's Volleyball Team yearbook photos will be taken on Monday. Please be in the big gym at 2:00 p.m. in your uniform.
Filed in the "Miscellaneous" category by Mr. Wallace
News Filed on February 2nd, 2006
D: You are getting sleepy.
W: I am your control.
D: Tell me what your favourite TV show is.
W: Newlyweds with Nick and Jessica.
D: Very good. Now what is your favourite colour?
W: Fuschia....with a hint of watermelon.
D: Correct. Now what are you doing tonight?
W: Staying at home.
D: Wrong. You are coming to the hypnotist at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium. Now. Meow like a cat.
W: Meow.
D: Excellent.
Filed in the "Events" category by Tory
There is a very important O.S.A.I.D meeting FOR ALL MEMBERS at the beginning of lunch today in Room 350. Bring your lunch.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by Tory
The members of the Junior Girls Volleyball team will be away all day Friday for a tournament at Monarch Park C.I.

Girls are reminded to speak to their teachers to get missed work and to meet at "the meeting place" at 8:45 a.m. on Friday to be picked up and driven to the game. Also, all girls should meet Ms. Malo today at lunch in room 269 for a very quick meeting.
Filed in the "Sports" category by Tory
K, check it homey Gee's: the brans have been split about the NBA live tourney, and the list is being put down today. If you still want in, go drop a line on the SAC office door. The tourney will start next week. Check it ECI.
Filed in the "Sports" category by Tory
Attention Female Basketball Players:

DO you want to go on a trip next year?

If you do, then there's a MANDATORY meeting today at lunch in room 156! This will decide if we're going!
Filed in the "Sports" category by Tory
There will be a brief boys hockey team meeting at lunch today in Room 244. We will be getting the sweater sizes, so attendance is mandatory.
Filed in the "Sports" category by Tory
Born in Toronto in 1922 to parents of Jamaican and Vincentian heritage, Lincoln Alexander served with the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. After being educated at McMaster and Osgoode Hall he was appointed Queen's Counsel and was a partner in a Toronto law firm. Alexander served as an MP from 1968 to 1985. He was also Federal Minister of Labour in 1979. In 1985 he was appointed as the first African-Canadian to server as Ontario's Lieutenant Governor.
Filed in the "Miscellaneous" category by Tory
News Filed on February 1st, 2006
There will be an urgent meeting of the newspaper executive on Monday, February 6th at lunch in Room 350. All executive members MUST attend.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by Mr. Wallace
There is an urgent Senior Stage Band rehearsal tomorrow, Thursday, January 2nd, at lunch. Everyone must be there so we can prepare for Kiwanis! There will also be a regular rehearsal on Friday at lunch.
Filed in the "Music" category by Mr. Wallace
News Filed on January 31st, 2006
It appears that our contact e-mail address,, didn't actually work throughout the past 2 or 3 weeks. We have corrected the problem and the address should now function properly. If you have tried contacting us within the past 2 or 3 weeks using that address, please re-send your e-mail.
Filed in the "ECIWeb" category by AlexV
Tomorrow at lunch the senior hockey champs take on the staff team. Come on down to the gym to see a great match.
Filed in the "Sports" category by Mr. Wallace
There is an OSAID meeting today at the beginning of lunch in Room 350. Bring your lunch.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by Mr. Wallace
The World Cup Indoor Soccer Tournament will begin next week. Sign-up lists are posted on the lunch time board by the gym. Teams of 5 in grade 9, 10, and senior division are welcome.
Filed in the "Sports" category by Mr. Wallace
There will be a newspaper executive meeting on Wednesday in Room 350 at the beginning of lunch. All executive should bring story ideas.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by Mr. Wallace
28 pictures from the 2005 CN Tower Stair climb are now online.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
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