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News Filed on April 3rd, 2006
The list of the 2006 girls' soccer team is now posted outside of the English office (room 367). Thank you to all who tried out.

To the members of the team: tomorrow morning's practice has been cancelled -- however Thursday's practice is still on as scheduled at 7:30 a.m.

If there are any questions or if you cannot make practice please let Ms. Malo know ahead of time.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
Congratulations to Denis, Evans, Gentian, Ghasan, Mike, and Peter, this year's senior soccer champs.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
We have received the following communication from the Toronto and Region Conservation.

"Please alert any children under your care to these dangers and supervise their activities."

Toronto and Region Conservation advises that the weather system entering our region today will result in enough rain to substantially increase flows in all our rivers and streams.

Heavy rain is forecast beginning last night and higher flows in all rivers and streams will continue through Tuesday. All rivers and streams will run at high levels during this period and should be considered dangerous.

This High Water Safety Bulletin will be in effect through Tuesday, April 4, 2006.

Thanks for attention to this matter.
Filed in the "Office" category by AlexV
There is a baseball meeting in the main gym today after school.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
To all interested in getting 1 hour of community service! The 12 hour run exec needs help making posters, so meet in or around room 235 Thursday at lunch... Listen for more announcements because there might be a room change.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
Just a reminder for everyone in the fashion show to check the fashion show board for when your practices and fittings are.

And an important message for everyone in the Fairweather scene your fitting for today is cancelled and rescheduled for Friday at 2:00.

As well Billabong's practice Tuesday at lunch will now be Wednesday after school.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
News Filed on April 1st, 2006
Attention students and parents of ECI: Artwork by six ECI students has been chosen for the annual Arts Etobicoke "Introspections" Student Art Show beginning this weekend at the Sherway Gardens Shopping Centre. The show runs from April 2nd to the 9th. You are all invited to view the work and vote for your favorite artwork.
Filed in the "Art" category by AlexV
Anyone interested in trying-out for a spot on this years boys baseball team: 1st tryout will be Monday at 3:30 p.m. outside on our field. You must be present.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
The Michael Syron Bursary is for students going on to College or University in the areas of Humanities, Law, or Social Sciences who have financial need. Pick up more information from the scholarship file in student services.
Filed in the "Office" category by AlexV
There was a cat found and rescued yesterday at 4:00 on the bridge over Islington. It is black and white. If anybody is missing this cat or knows somebody who is, please come to the main office.
Filed in the "Miscellaneous" category by AlexV
News Filed on March 30th, 2006
The 2006 summatives schedule is now online.

View as Flash (73.4KB) or as PDF (91.5KB).
Filed in the "Office" category by AlexV
To all prefect execs, we will take our yearbook photo today at lunch. Meet in front of room 265 at the beginning of lunch. Please be prompt.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
Due to unfortunate circumstances, the talent show had to be cancelled for tonight. For those who bought tickets, you just need to show us your ticket after school at the SAC office and you will be reimbursed. For all those talented acts excited to perform tonight, do not fret, because Etobicoke Idol is coming up in May. Sorry for any inconvenience and listen to announcements for the next exciting event coming up.
Filed in the "Miscellaneous" category by AlexV
Listen up everyone in the fashion show: this is just a reminder of our mass meeting today, Thursday, March 30th, in the auditorium. This is a very important meeting, everyone must attend. Also, there will be a FCUK practice during lunch right after the meeting, and a Blue Angel practice today after school.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
Attention athletic exec, there is a meeting in room 156 at lunch today. It is important that you are there and if you are unavailable then come see either Kate or Mr. Dias by the end of the day.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
There is a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory rehearsal in the drama room after school today. We will be done by 5:45.
Filed in the "Drama" category by AlexV
All baseball players - If you are interested in trying out for this years team. The first try-out for positional players will be held this Monday at 3:30PM on the soccer field
Filed in the "Sports" category by Tory
12 hour run exec - don't forget about the yearbook picture today at the beginning of lunch in room 103.
Filed in the "Miscellaneous" category by AlexV
To all curling team members. Don't forget about the pizza lunch today in room 154. We will also be having our team picture. See you there. Thanks
Filed in the "Sports" category by Tory
Hurdlers practice at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow on the track.

Track photo: Yearbook photo is today at 3:30 in the main gym.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
To all newspaper exec members - our picture for the yearbook will be taken today at the beginning of lunch in room 103.

Writers and exec - we have a meeting at noon in room 350.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
Do you like to swim, bike, or run? Or do you like to watch others swim, bike, or run? If so, come to the first triathlon meeting today at lunch in room 350. Participants and marshals come to the meeting.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
Our indoor world soccer finals take place in the main gym at lunch today. Spectators are welcome.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
News Filed on March 29th, 2006
Hey newspaper exec and writers!

Hopefully you all checked your e-mails and know about a meeting tomorrow in room 350.

Exec - picture at the beginning of lunch.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
Grade 9 leaders - it's yearbook photo time! Meet in room 103 this Thursday at noon.
Filed in the "Miscellaneous" category by AlexV
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