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News Filed on June 5th, 2006
Listen up senior girls basketball: Excited about California next year!?

Me too! But there's one problem, we don't have any money! Please come to a meeting on Wednesday of this week in room 156. Everyone must be there! Thanks,
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
To all grade 9s who still want to attend White Pine, if you haven't handed in your money and forms yet, you still have this week to do so. See Ms. Oxley or one of the exec members to either get a form or hand in your forms!
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
In the rain and shine our 10 athletes competed at this weekend's OFSAA track championship. Alana Stewart came home with a silver medal in the midget girls triple jump, smashing our school record! Congrats to all OFSAA competitors on representing us so well.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
The list of the new music executive has been posted on the door of room 150. Please check to see if you are on the new executive. There will be a meeting tomorrow at lunch for all new exec members.
Filed in the "Music" category by AlexV
Hey all you, sitting in those hot classrooms, eagerly waiting for school to be over... do I have good news for you or what? The grade 11 drama has prepared a little play for you on Wednesday, June 7th. That's right, this Wednesday, and guess what... It's free! It just doesn't get any better than that. So come on by with your class this Wednesday, first period, to see this spectacular show.
Filed in the "Drama" category by AlexV
Just when you thought ECI has packed it in and all of its exciting events were over... Just when you thought there was nothing else to look forward to... You were wrong. This Thursday at 3:30 in the auditorium is ECI's 3rd annual film festival. For only two dollars, you'll get a pop and chips, a comfy chair, and an opportunity to enjoy a vast array of student films. You may be asking, "What kind of student films?" You'll see a mob boss, a guy who looks like a clown, a sad old man, a kid getting beat up, and a rap video to name a few. This is just the beginning. Tickets will be available today through Wednesday in the cafeteria. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The film festival should end by 5, so grads, you can go from the film festival to the grad banquet afterwards.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
News Filed on June 2nd, 2006
The Etobicoke Rams showed their skills again on the diamond. The girls' softball team defeated Vaughan Road Academy (again), 12-4, in a replayed quarter final game yesterday afternoon. They then went on to play the undefeated team of York Memorial in the semi-final game and won 9-7!

Special mentions go to Emily Joslin and Sarah Barker who both pitched excellent games, as well as Katie Petluck, Sarah Sanders and Meagan Brown.

Good luck at the finals on Monday against Martingrove!
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
This is a reminder to all prefects to complete your applications and hand them in at the prefect board. They are all due Tuesday morning!
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
On Friday, June 9th, the SAC will be holding a staff breakfast in the staff room.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
News Filed on June 1st, 2006
A representative from the Canadian Blood Services will be at ECI, at lunch, on Friday, in the cafeteria. They will have lots of information about volunteer opportunities in July and August. If you need hours, be sure to drop by their table at lunch tomorrow.
Filed in the "Office" category by AlexV
This is an announcement for all prefects to hand in your application by Tuesday morning next week. If you need one, they are on the prefect board. Drop them off there as well.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
Teachers received student exam timetables in their mailbox this morning. Please distribute to students. Do not send timetables not picked up back to the office. Hold until Wednesday, June 7. On June 7, send any timetables remaining to the office or to Mr. Jokhu.
Filed in the "Office" category by AlexV
Attention all graduating students!

You have been invited to the exclusive cosmopolitan grad banquet on Thursday the 8th. A glamorous occasion of memories, you can rub shoulders with the elite other grads as you devour scrumptious entrees of le pizza avec le peperoni, prepared by the finest gourmet chefs. 5'o clock, the 8th, see you there.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
Ramathon TAs, we will be tie-dyeing tomorrow, be ready with your shirts and other white pieces of clothing. See you at lunch in room 350.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
This is an announcement to inform all grads that Friday is the absolute last day for formal ticket sales.

Must we remind you, there are 400 graduates, and a mere 250 spots. Therefore it is first come, first serve, and the deposit money (which is ticket sales money) is due at the beginning of next week - out FINAL week of school. Unlike other events where ticket deadlines are postponed, this one will not be. Money is needed and tickets must be sold by Friday or you can't get one. Come to the ticket master at lunch.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
ECI was represented by 4 teams of teachers in the YMCA Corporate Challenge. 2 of the teams were called to the podium when they modelled, reminding the corporate community that ECI is the #1 high school in Toronto for spirit.

Thanks to all participating teachers.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
This is for all students who have applied for college or university. There will be an OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) presentation in the auditorium on Thursday, June 8th, during lunch.

This is your opportunity to ask questions and learn about the application process.
Filed in the "Guidance" category by AlexV
Triple Trio will be having their yearbook picture Friday at lunch. Meet in or outside room 103. All must be there for this fabulous photo.
Filed in the "Clubs" category by AlexV
Ribbons and medals for the West championship are now here. If you did not pick up your awards, please stop by the Phys. Ed office to get yours.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
Community hours for the 12 hour run will be given out in the cafeteria this week. If you participated and went to all of your classes the next day, see Ms. Rath in the cafeteria at lunch.
Filed in the "Events" category by AlexV
The athletic banquet was a huge success yesterday -- over 350 student athletes attended and made it a night to remember. Congrats to all the award winners, who are too many to mention. Being a student athlete at ECI is a privilege, not a right. It requires good academic standing, a certain moral character and desire to learn, win, and be the best you can be. Congrats to all our student athletes!
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
The boys baseball season came to an abrupt end yesterday. In the city quarter-finals our Rams fought hard but ended up a little short. After taking a convincing 4-0 lead yesterday the guys hit a few bumps in the road and were defeated 5-4.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
Congratulations to the girls' softball team for their win against Vaughan Road Academy in the quarter final game.
Filed in the "Sports" category by AlexV
Grade 9s who have not yet handed in their money for White Pine yet, don't worry, you can still come! See Ms. Oxley to either hand in your forms or get a form to hand in.
Filed in the "Trips" category by AlexV
News Filed on May 29th, 2006
All graduating students are invited to vote for their 2005-2006 valedictorian at All votes must be in by 9 a.m. on Monday, June 5, 2006.
Filed in the "Office" category by AlexV
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